The Law Offices of Christian A. DiCicco is committed to being the premier consumer bankruptcy law firm in the region. Unlike many law firms, we are not a "jack of all trades" law firm. We do not need to seek work in other areas of law simply because it may provide us a paying client. What else separates us?

First, Mr. DiCicco meets personally with all of his clients. We do not pass you off on some associate, paralegal or legal assistant. Your first consultation will be with Mr. DiCicco. Your bankruptcy petition is prepared and reviewed with you by Mr. DiCicco personally prior to submission to the Court.

Equally important, The Law Offices of Christian A. DiCicco is a full service bankruptcy firm. We obtain your credit reports to assist you in locating your creditors. We walk you step-by-step through the bankruptcy process. We help you complete all of the complicated forms. We do our best to make an otherwise difficult situation as smooth as possible.

Finally, we only place our clients in the Chapter 13 repayment plan when there is no way to reasonably have their debts wiped out in the Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcies are typically for people who are trying to save a home in foreclosure; or who earn too much money to qualify for the Chapter 7 wipeout. However, some attorneys will convince clients to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy because the attorney makes more money on these cases. Some attorneys will even make false representations to their clients such as "you will lose everything you own in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy." At The Law Offices of Christian A. DiCicco, you may rest assured that if we advise you to do a Chapter 13 bankruptcy it is only because there are no reasonable alternatives. If another lawyer tells you to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, get a second opinion.

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